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Letter: The owls are nesting

Yes, the owls (great-horned) are nesting now — here at Lake Tahoe. How do I know? I’ve found their nest (but I can’t say where it is, so the mom and eggs aren’t disturbed, you see).

The last I checked, the female was sitting on two (and by now maybe three) eggs. They will hatch in about two weeks, then the adult male and female owls will have their work cut out for them feeding the growing “tigers of the sky.”

Now, you may not know it, but owls are cold-weather nesting birds, preferring to nest in February or March usually. Geese are also cold-weather nesting birds, and are nesting near the owls, just like last time. They’re within 50 feet of each other. That’s unfortunate for the baby geese when they hatch and start to run around because the adult owls will be out hunting to feed their babies. Unfortunately that’s the way wild nature works — not all the baby geese (as cute as they are) will make it. But hopefully enough will to carry on the species.

Of course, in May, June and July, the hawks, falcons and eagles will be nesting because they are all warm-weather nesting birds. That’s when everything has to look out for the red tails, peregrines and golden eagles, to name a few. For now, though, they have to look out for the horned owls. The geese have to feed their babies, too.

So it’s all like a big circle in nature that keeps the cycle going every year. After the baby owls hatch I’ll keep an eye on them, my friends, and write to let you know how they’re doing.

Theodore R. Harris, III

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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