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Letter — "The Surfer" should not have been erased


I can’t believe that Lori Sugai, a self-professed artist and “seeker to make rocks look like rocks again” has gone out and of her own volition removed “The Surfer” that was inscribed on the rock north of Cave Rock.

Excused me, Ms. Sugai, but did you EVER THINK that maybe that was ART. It was NOT some obscene message scrawled across a rock in garish colors, it was a piece of pop art that has been a part of our community since the 1960s.

I remember seeing it as a teenager when I vacationed here and it always brought me joy to see it after I moved here in 1977. So, as a resident for seven years, you took it upon yourself to remove it because YOU thought it ugly and stupid; well, maybe you find petroglyphs, which are also drawings on rocks, ugly and stupid.

Is your next attack going to be to erase them as well? I don’t know how many other long-time locals feel as I do, but I hope that Ms. Sugai will hear from you as well. I remember showing “The Surfer” to my children when they were growing up here and I planned on showing it to my grandchildren this summer. It was a piece of unique, unassuming pop art that was not offensive. You never even saw it unless you were looking for it. Ms. Sugai, you have done an INCREDIBLE DISSERVICE to this community by taking away one of its favorite and fun icons.

Funny, I am an artist myself. A sculptor of stone, as a matter of fact, so I understand the love of nature. What you have done is arrogant and self-serving.

Annette Schoonover

South Lake Tahoe

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