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Letter — Things also bad in other states

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I am a Tahoe native now living in Pennsylvania. I am employed with the Warren Times Observer. I wasn’t shocked to learn that the school district made such cuts. Sadly, these type of cuts are going on all over the country. In the town I now reside in, the school board recently voted to close all five elementary schools. Why? Because they claim it was too costly to maintain five schools and employ staff for them as well.

Their solution? To build a super school next to the high school. As you can imagine there are a number of problems with this proposed solution. The town is up in arms, and rightfully so. What helped contribute to this loss? Well, for one, a city council which has repeatedly made poor decisions and bad money investments with tax dollars.

Again, it is unfortunate that jobs will be lost and schools hang in the balance, but not a surprise.

Michelle Toner

Warren, Pa.