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Letter — Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it


Hillary Dembroff’s letter published in the paper on Feb. 7 urges all those who oppose going to war in Iraq to attend the City Council meeting on Feb. 25 in support of her petition. What about those who support the administration? Is the City Council to join “Cities for Peace” based on input from one, and only one, viewpoint? It seems to me that if the City Council is to represent the people of South Lake Tahoe in this matter, it is necessary to obtain the viewpoint of the people of South Lake Tahoe. Let’s have a vote of the people on this matter, because Ms. Dembroff doesn’t represent me.

I don’t know how old Ms. Dembroff is, but I am old enough to remember World War II and am very aware of the genesis of that war. Germany had also (like Iraq) been defeated in a war, had also (like Iraq) committed to disarmament, and — under Hitler (like Sadaam) – violated their committment at every opportunity. Other European countries (like some today) buried their heads in the sand and acted like it wasn’t happening. The result was the most horrific and destructive slaughter of men, women, children, and babies in the history of our planet. One can only wonder what would have been the result if just one nation had had the courage to stand against the treaty violations and refused to allow Germany to violate the treaty to which they had agreed. I suspect there would have been many (like Ms. Dembroff) arguing against military action; but, I also suspect that the loss of life and the worldwide devastation would either not have occurred or would have been miniscule in comparison to what did happen. A well known quote may apply here: THOSE WHO IGNORE HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.

Ms. Dembroff is most likely well intentioned; but, I can not help but think of my father’s admonition to me, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Paul Woods

South Lake Tahoe