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Letter — Three gripes about Tahoe


The things that are bothering me are locals — the type of locals moving here — the TRPA and its inconsistent decision making and our local leaders and their decision-making process! Let me just say I have been here for 15 years and LOVE Tahoe, so please let me explain.

The senseless death of Marissa Bassett brings me to my first problem with Tahoe SPEEDERS! I live in the Ski Run area and constantly put up with people speeding down Larch Avenue to cut between Pioneer and Ski Run. Who are these people speeding through here? Are they tourists ? NO! They are you and me, my neighbors, the cab companies, buses, contractors, etc. Who speeds down Highway 50, Johnson, Pioneer, Ski Run, Skyline, Tahoe Keys, Eloise and 15th streets?

Tourists, if anything, go slow and annoy us. Just try and drive the speed limit anywhere in town and see what kind of reaction you get from our so-called neighbors.

Second, the type of people who seem to be moving here more and more seem to be of a transient nature. Third, the TRPA makes what seem to be very arbitrary decisions. For example, these scenic threshholds seem to only make life better for people who can afford to see the lakeshore from the lake. Why not worry about what the inside of the towns around the lake look like? I have a feeling more people see the trash in town than see the supposed “property trash” of the shore. Also,why can’t a drive-through be put in when most of the pollution comes from traffic caused by tourists and pollution coming from the West Slope. Again, don’t think of the locals!

As far as city decisions go, let me say I have no problem with redevelopment and vacation home ordinances except that I am being asked to conserve water when the Marriot plants 500 flats of flowers or the Ski Run project or Linear Park is calling for landscaping. Also, how can you restrict vacation homes with concern to how many people can be there at a time or how many cars per bedroom or how garbage should be controlled when I have 17 people living in a three-bedroom duplex (in the back one) and 12 people living in the front duplex, cars upand down the block and garbage everywhere!

Eric Hellberg

South Lake Tahoe

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