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Letter — Three viewpoints from Tom Wendell

I want to add my support to those who feel we have a human problem, not a bear problem. Expecting bears to stay out of what amounts to an unguarded food storage locker in THEIR territory is like expecting an alcoholic to resist a bottle left next to his bed. It’s sad that the agency paralysis that grips virtually all government institutions, along with human ignorance and hubris, have caused these needless deaths. Let’s hope this marks a turning point in our relationship with the wildlife that has to tolerate our intrusion into their habitat.

n I am not a climber, but does it seem illogical to anyone else that a group of people (climbers) who have a deep, often spiritual, respect for Cave Rock are banned from their low impact pursuit while at the same time thousands upon thousands of noxious emission spewing vehicles zoom through tunnels (blasted with dynamite) oblivious to the sacred rock? The oxymoron here should be as easy to find as a government bureaucrat who has asphalt where his brain should be.

n Letter-writer John Cotton makes a valid point when he chastises law enforcement for cracking down on seat belt use while rampant speeding and reckless driving go unchallenged in our neighborhoods. His logic in regard to other dangerous behaviors (obesity, etc.) is on target in challenging the argument that drivers suffering severe injuries due to eschewing their seat belts are a financial burden on the rest of society. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the cost of treating heart disease, diabetes and a host of other lifestyle CHOICE related diseases dwarfs the seat belt issue. The only valid reason for seat belt enforcement is the child safety seat issue. Period. Forget the seat belts and PLEASE target the sociopathic drivers who treat our neighborhoods as their personal freeway with total disregard for kids, dogs, stop signs or anything else that might slow them down. If an adult chooses not to wear a seatbelt and is killed or severely injured, we should give them a Darwin Award for removing themselves from the gene pool.

Tom Wendell

South Lake Tahoe

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