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Letter to editor- DCSD gets bad grades

To the editor:

The mess of grades being tampered with at Whittell High School is a tragedy, but should not be a surprise to anyone who follows the management practices of the Douglas County School District. In the past, board members have casually dismissed mismanagement on the part of the administration, e.g., the abrupt canceling of the auto shop class at Douglas High last fall and, of course, the administration was not responsible in any way for the discord in the District last year. No board member looked into the cause of the shop class cancellation, which was simply that the administration had no clue regarding its arrangement with Western Nevada Community College.

Had the board taken the time to look into shop problems at DHS rather than just accept scrambling to reestablish another shop program, they would have found that the administration was out of touch with what was going on (big surprise!).

The tampering with grades at Whittell has all of the appearances of poor management. Procedures should have been in place and audited to assure messing with grades would be detected immediately – not two or so years after an ongoing practice.

It would be nice if the administration would stand up and admit they screwed up and are responsible for this situation, as they certainly are willing to take credit for each and every positive thing that comes about. It would also be interesting to hear from the board members who have been on the board since the grade tampering has gone on – where have they been and what have they been doing other than congratulating themselves on how well the competencies have been doing? This also might be food for thought should Dr. Clark ask to have her contract extended yet again.

Bill Laughlin

Zephyr Cove

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