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Letter to the editor- Acts of War? Yes they were

Wayne Bonesteel
South Lake Tahoe

Steve Goldman objects to the phrase “Acts of war” but two of our cities were bombed and 6300 innocent people were killed, this certainly sounds like an “Act of war” and he is also concerned about the innocent people that would be killed if we retaliated, would these be the people that were dancing and singing in the streets at the death of 6300 innocent people in New York.

Steve also objects to the phrase “Good versus Evil” saying we were Evil because we had Slavery, That was 145 years ago and thousands of Americans died to eliminate slavery in this country, Try looking at today’s Africa and even the Muslim religion where women are treated like slaves.

Steve also objects to the phrase “We are the Beacon of Freedom”, This Freedom at our borders and the Freedom to move about in this country are the Freedoms used as a Weapon against us, and because of this “Act of war” we will now lose some of these Freedoms. If Steve hates the United States because it is so Evil he must be living in the wrong country.

I did notice this “Irresponsible Newspaper” printed Steve Goldman’s letter.

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