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Letter to the editor- America needs to pull together

June Hoffman
South Lake Tahoe

To the editor,

Regarding the Tahoe Daily Tribune article, front page on Oct. 15: “Citizens gather in effort to understand events of Sept. 11,” well, really, it is that we had two sponsors of dubious political motives calling together people to the senior center. (Captive audience?) I wonder about how come front page coverage was granted?

Anyway, whatever, one beautiful American, Nina Ingris, captured the meaning of Sept. 11, and in plain-spoken, simple terms, explained who we are, where we’ve been, and where we are now heading for our betterment and the betterment of the world today. Nina – an immigrant and a native of Czechoslovakia – is quoted as saying, “I’m very sorry we had to sacrifice 6,00 people to bring back patriotism in America. It went down, down, down, but now you are flying your flags. I’m very proud to be an American.”

She’s got it! The spirit and worth of the American presence in the world and a true definition of all that was implied by the title of the “forum.” The immigrant in all of us is the heart of America. And, as we witnessed on the screens of our television, New York’s outpouring of love and the spirit it engenders, it is our guide and chart for society.

Other statements reported had no faith, no power, no pride and for sure none of the love expressed by dear Nina. Hers alone is our spiritual haven needed in these perilous times.

But then the negative people: Doubters, backsliders, the “down, down, down” people, have their contradictory and pseudo-intellectual bypasses from truth. They need “learning!” America’s outpouring after Sept. 11 should and could “learn” them if they saw “you gotta have heart” first – if you really want to discern the identity of America. You must love our national emblems and all they stand for. I suppose George Drake’s statement has some pretense of caring for the world when he said, “America needs to recognize other nations as equals.” Well, George needs to be educated. A stark image in our brain: Three flashes of pure evil, a dogma from an evil god against America’s blessings from a god of love and goodness. That pretty much tells the story of the world out there, in spades!

One picture is worth a thousand words concerning another statement: That it is a misconception that “an Islamic woman in full garb is believed to be a victim of oppression.” Oh so? Actual photographs were brought to our TV screens by a woman who helps these victims. Before my very eyes were the acts by men beating women on the streets of those cities. If informed, we never should then blame all Muslims for terror. But facts support America’s role in alleviation of oppression abroad. It should never be that America’s foreign policy is presented as biased any other way if truth, it be presented that our bias is for dignity, rescue and freedom for oppressed people. True to our heritage, we are a peculiar people, we Americans. We stand above the nations. If we have virtue and knowledge and “spunk” like New York after Sept. 11, we cannot be enslaved or subdued in our work to help those longing to be free. We can fight the common enemy of all people and the forces of an evil god. We can be secure. These “cold fish” better get the “spirit” and join us.

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