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Letter to the editor: Are we part of the solution?

I was taught the mission of a police force was to protect and serve. Then why does our police force, and others across this country, need a militarized (MRAP) vehicle. Is the mission now to control the population? Inequality is at an all-time high and our government is monitoring everyone’s communication. Since 9/11, have we as a nation set an example for the rest of the world to follow, or have we become more like those we have spent trillions of dollars fighting? What kind of country do we want? We all have an obligation to ask questions, to right wrongs, and to work together building a community and society where the rule of law applies to all of us equally and where injustice doesn’t exist. We need to be part of the solution and not accept everything forced upon us.

Larry M. Hobson

South Lake Tahoe

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