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Letter to the Editor: Board member has begun stirring the political pot

Wanda Stanley
Chief Shop Steward
Stationary Engineers Local 39

I am both surprised and disappointed in the comments that South Tahoe Public Utility District board member Dale Rise made in the Tribune regarding the lack of transparency at STPUD. He alleges district staff would rather not have the public attend workshops, even though the district advertises in the Tribune whenever there is one.

Is there a reason Mr. Rise appears to be stirring the political pot so soon before the November election? Is it to rouse the community into believing his ideas to get his personal friends elected to the three open seats on the board of directors? Isn’t one vote enough for him, or does he need to stack the deck in his favor?

Of all people to make this sort of remark, Mr. Rise has had the last year and a half to attend board meetings, workshops, conferences, meetings, and other staff functions to see for himself that the district has acted in the best interests of its customers all these years because of wise decisions made by the board on the recommendations of dedicated staff.

It is apparent to me that Mr. Rise’s intentions are to misconstrue comments made by staff to fit his agenda. When Mr. Rise was running for his seat he portrayed himself as just “one of the guys in an orange shirt.” Instead he has aligned himself with a group of power-hungry folks with an agenda that benefits a small group of their pals. Speaking for the “guys in the orange shirts,” we feel as if we have been sold a bill of goods. Did you just want to get on the board to get your friends on there, too? Will the real Mr. Rise please stand up?