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Letter to the editor- Coyote can’t believe it either

To the editor:

Yesterday, I stood on the road by Cove East, watching men and their machines – one a bulldozer, one a 5-yard backhoe – trying to undo what has been done. Excavating 10 acres of land, digging down 4 feet to recover what was there. Almost a half century ago, part of the Upper Truckee wetland, trying to restore it. So they say!

For a reason that I do not know, I turned to look across the river at what remains of the Upper Truckee Marsh and there sat a young coyote, a juvenile with ears pricked, sitting absolutely still, staring at what was going on, bewildered just as I at what was going on. So I was not alone as I thought, why not leave bad enough alone.

After all, it was with a marvel of machines at Cove East that we went about undoing creation and now we wish to put it in reverse by moving 10 acres of earth in the name of restoration. But will it work? Not a soul knows. Better to have left what was done done and have marked it with a granite monument to remind all generations of how we soiled creation. It would say on the monument, “When God created the Earth, God said good. What would God say now?”

To break our spell, I whistled at the coyote, which looked at me as if to say, what are you? And turned about and disappeared.

Bill Crawford

City councilman

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