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Letter to the editor- Discouraging City Council

To the editor:

It was really discouraging to read the other day that the City Council had approved rezoning the area on the west side of Emerald Bay Road between 10th Street and 13th Street. This rezoning will allow building of multifamily housing developments there of densities up to 10 units per acre. I really didn’t think they would go ahead and do this, but they did. This type of development is completely inappropriate for this area. This is the entrance to the city from the West Shore and it shouldn’t be filled up with apartments or apartment-type housing. This area should be reserved for development that showcases the entrance to town. People who come to South Shore via this route should be impressed with development that makes them think, “Gee, isn’t this a nice town;” not “Gee, we must be getting close to some sort of town. Look at this bunch of apartment buildings.”

Most sections of town have “community plans,” which have been designed by getting people together to discuss and agree as to what type of development will enhance their communities. This area of Emerald Bay Road doesn’t have any such plan, so it’s being done the same way the rest of the town was done in the ’50s and ’60s. That’s why we have this tacky little town here that we are now trying to fix with all these community plans. Why can’t the City Council learn from these past mistakes?

It’s time to say “stop!” to this whole project and stop and design a community plan for the area from the “Y” north to where the road changes from four to two lanes. We need carefully-planned development for this part of town, not just blanket approval of any kind of development someone wants to put in. I would like to urge everyone who has an interest in this to write to the newspaper, the City Council and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and voice your opinion. Demand that a community plan be done for this area so that past mistakes aren’t repeated. Hopefully, it’s not too late to plan appropriate development for this area.

Hank Raymond

South Lake Tahoe

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