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Letter to the editor- Dogs should be controlled

To the editor:

The other day I was asked to sign a petition concerning moving the “problem” bear to Colorado instead of having it “destroyed.” Public outcry swayed the government agency to act in favor of public sentiment. I think that the public should be as concerned for the safety of our children and the well-being of the general public’s safety.

I’m directing this toward the recent dog attack in the Keys area. If these dogs can’t be controlled with a leash, then they should not be able to get out in public areas. There is a main school bus stop at Keys and Washington. What if these dogs got out and attacked a child, smaller in size than the grown adult who they attacked? This man was elderly and could have been severely injured by the unnecessary and vicious attack by these large, strong dogs.

We should be able to walk our public streets and enjoy Tahoe without fear of dog attacks. Our children and our parents are as important as a bear, aren’t they? I signed the bear petition, but I wouldn’t sign any “save the dogs” petition. Not when it involves the safety of the public (children)!

Russell Thaw

South Lake Tahoe

P.S. I own and love my dog and am totally responsible for her actions.

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