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Letter to the editor- Dogs threaten neighborhood

To the editor:

I am writing this letter today to sympathize and be supportive to others who have fallen prey to this situation in our community. I can recall terrifying stories of others being attacked by dogs not on leashes or not kept in their fenced backyards. I have stories of my own …

Recently, due to trauma from another situation, I was advised to take walks to help calm my nerves from the stress I have been going through lately, even with meditation!

Well, I have news for you; taking a nice calm walk down Lodi seems almost impossible these days due to not just one terrorizing event from a dog unleashed and unattended coming at my dog that is on a leash and toward me, who has physical handicaps, but three times now in one month sending me into extra counseling for fear of walking down our streets anymore.

Dog gone it! This is unacceptable for others who are following the leash laws in California. My nerves have been frazzled, not making me want to only stay inside, yet longing to walk my dog for her and for myself in what I feel the most beautiful place in the world. I am a homeowner, and I don’t think it fair that this is happening … three different cases down Lodi, where vicious dogs with ferocious teeth are charging after us for no reason. My dog is fixed, not in heat, and not restless to gain attention during such walks. Why is this happening?

I know Animal Control is doing their best, but people, we need to be supportive of them as well as to our neighbors.

I scream for help as this happens, and yes, they eventually come for their dog, but the damage to my nerves as well as to worsen my physical condition is evident as I stand there with my dog in my left arm to protect her from being bitten, straining all areas of my body that are still trying to heal from a car accident up here, sending me off into spasms and tears.

I have seen near misses with cars and dogs, too; and boy, I am sure the owner of the dog would be the first one to blame the car owner, even though their dog darted out in front of the car. Save the tears and be responsible for your pet!

Please show some consideration to those who do not have the strength as you may have and keep your dog on a leash or in a fenced yard, please!

Donna Flores

South Lake Tahoe

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