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Letter to the editor- Dream doesn’t include fear

Open letter to President Bush-

Mr. President,

I am America. I represent what it is to be an American. Every one who is born here as an American, or comes to America to become an American dreams of a life like I have. I have a beautiful wife, 3 children, a home and a thriving business that I own. When I come home after work dinner is on the table and my kids are there to greet me. I get the chance to take time off from work to go on vacations. I can voice my opinions without recourse. I live the life of the American dream. That dream has just been shattered by a few individuals whose idea of the American dream differ from ours. I have a son in the Navy and also am Captain in the National Guard. I own stock in the companys that were destroyed. I have friends and fellow Americans who are no longer with us. Do I have an intrest in what has happened? Yes, as all Americans should have. Would I give up my American dream to defend the right of others to live that dream. Yes. If you are waiting for permission from America to defend that dream you have it. America will never be the same whether you do something about this or not, but something must be done. Living the American dream does not include living in fear from terrorism. That is not an option. The respnsibilities that now lie on your shoulders is immense. You should not bear this alone. America is with you as I am. I am America.

Ken Curtzwiler

South Lake Tahoe

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