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Letter to the editor- Final thoughts on Film Festival

To the editor:

As originally planned, I want to extend my thanks to Denise Sloan, Mindy Johnke and the host of supporters who did become excited about this year’s second annual Film Festival. I was proud to be a part of this event that brings a new avenue for culture, pleasure and advertising to our area. The whole weekend was in good taste, professional and in the spirit of savoring the past.

My letter turns from a kudos to an editorial as a response to the April 18 letter by Annette Schoonover. I feel very capable of answering some of the questions she posed. I was a dedicated volunteer for the event and coordinated the other 80 or so locals into committees. Nowhere for the past two years could I find Ms. Schoonover’s name as a volunteer or participant. Unless she saw an individual show on big screen rather than just renting it. One person should not criticize something only on the merit of not liking it when nothing positive is gained. It undermines all the efforts of others. April deems to be a big transitional month. Snow in April does not add to successes of cultural events. The organizers were trying to upbeat an off-economic month for Tahoe venues. The casinos all sponsored viewing rooms and the projection equipment. This kind of equipment is not easily accessible. Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority endorsed this event. Countless businesses donated to the cause. People hung banners, stuffed envelopes,and attended two tasteful fund-raisers.

As stated in Webster’s Dictionary: “Pioneering in” means paving the way, laying the foundation.

Everyone tries to add an element to the community and the economy. This event opens Tahoe into the public eye just a little wider. It acknowledges and tributes the film industry. I suspect with Ms. Schoonoer recently opening a unique business in town herself, she realizes how precious the commodity of support can be. Locals need to continue to support and generate events to make us proud, like this one. Not everyone will be happy all of the time. Rather we take that risk than never venture! Thanks again, Denise, for taking that venture.

Yes, almost all of the chosen flicks can be rented for a few dollars. Yet, one would not believe how one could hate/love Marilyn Monroe so much more on a big screen. Our movie even included an old-fashioned bag of popcorn and a drink. All for $5. For the celebrities, guests and organizers, the catered receptions were a means to provide time with the experts socially.

There were more than a dozen famous filmmakers participating. Local students did intern throughout the two years this festival has taken place. I know Denise welcomes (begs for) help. I do know that all proceeds from ticket sales go back into the present or future event. We were all hardworking volunteers on a quest to have fun, broaden our horizons and promote culture in Tahoe.

Thanks again to those talented people I ventured with in this year’s festival. Thanks to Denise, Mindy and all who see its value. This is a truly unique group of professionals. They are truly dedicated to the grandeur of the productions and participants. I think I have touched on most of Ms. Schoonover’s questions and concerns. Word of mouth is a very powerful means of advertising. I could not let Ms. Schoonover’s word be the only one heard. For me, the Film Festival was fun, creative and brought more balance into my life. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but should not exercise it without justification and merit.

Kim Barcellos

South Lake Tahoe

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