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Letter to the editor- Fraudulant view point

To the editor,

Regarding Assemblyman Tim Leslie’s opinion article on the Auburn Dam issue I am once again reminded of how frightening it is that this man represents Lake Tahoe. For years, Leslie has done his best to thwart any environmental proposal whatsoever. Now, by twisting and spinning the facts, he would have us believe that the Auburn Dam is actually a good thing for the environment! The only “facts” he supplies are those which suit his purpose. Here are some facts about dams that he conviently ommitted. First of all dams are death to a river. In this case, the American River. The water behind dams is no longer a true river. Without the ability to cleanse itself, rivers become stagnant and dirty. Dams flood vast areas and shrink open space and wildlife corridors. The accumulated silt builds up quickly and shrinks the water storage capacity in a matter of years. In short, dams are just about the worst thing we could do to a river.

Lesli’e scare tactics about dire floods and future water shortages are at least based partially in fact. He forgets (conviently) that it is his party that consistently opposes the notion of conservation and instead focuses its efforts on exploration and exploitation of the environment. Take a look at the voting records of Leslie and his Republican cronies. You will notice that their records are consistent! Readers may check the voting records at the League of Conservation Voters website. ( http://www.lcv.org) Learn who the real extremists are.

Bill Peterson

South Lake Tahoe

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