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Letter to the editor: Freedom’s War 9-11

To the editor:

Freedom’s War 9-11

America, America it’s time to mourn,

America, America it is time to mourn.

Because of the ashes and because of the rubble … it’s time to mourn.

Your strong towers have been destroyed, from across the sea it came.

Blood mingled with fire as it all went to the grave.

Though it is grief for most, for some it’s a parade.

A brief victory for those who live the charade.

Jealousy and envy are as bitter as death, but this is how those that work –

which have nothing left.

But this type of resolve by its own power,

is limited in nature because of this thing –

for its roots embrace evil, and evil cannot flower.

America, America it’s time to take up arms,

if you still believe in freedom … it’s time to take up arms.

Check your heart, America, is it still beating strong?

Are you willing to spill our youths’ blood for the cause?

America, America will goodness and mercy follow you?

I believe it can with this certain resolve –

Will you remember your roots, will you remember your fathers?

For if this if forgotten … the battle is over.

America, America we must come together now!

For the battle of freedom will certainly win.

War is never easy, nor is it quick.

But if freedom is at the root, no price is too big.

The mourning will continue as families cry for their own –

Through the travail of war … they will cry for their own.

America, America if freedom is still worth fighting for,

then our tears shall be worth it.

And though the pain will linger for generations –

The sweet consolation of freedom’s victory … shall console those that mourn.

America, America let your light shine to the nations!

Even if that banner must shine … through the smoke … of freedom’s war.

Richard Diegel

South Lake Tahoe

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