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Letter To the editor: Greet spring with rubish pickup

Spring has sprung!

The jogging shoes come out of mothballs. Tulip bulbs begin to push their way up through the last dusting of snow. Lots of tan faces on spring skiers about town. Everyone out working in the yard. Our spirits are high with the transition of the seasons change.

I too have been infected, drawn to take a daily walk around the neighborhood. The warm sun on my shoulders, breathing in that fresh mountain air. It’s wonderful.

However, as the snow continues to melt, I have noticed a lot of trash strewn about. It really puts a damper on such a pristine moment. It disturbs me so much I try not to look down.

I propose an adopt-your-neighborhood attitude. Vacant lots seem to be the worst offenders; next in line are the vacation rentals. Of course, we can’t leave out garbage-day leftovers, unleashed dogs, coyotes and bears. I’d like to say, I’ve come across everything but the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, I came across one of those too!

If we all took a little extra time to go beyond the perimeters of our own property, it wouldn’t take much. If we committed to taking responsibility for just our block. Maybe we could help out an elderly or disabled neighbor. Try to get the kids involved. A few bags of trash in exchange for a trip to the ice cream parlor works at my house. Try starting a weekly walking club. Don’t forget your garden gloves and a trash bag with your water bottle. I’ve even devised a long stick with some large nails attached to the bottom as a poker, so that I don’t have to bend down as much. Perhaps we could even get our schools involved with some kind of reward system.

Well, I guess I’ve made my point. We all choose to live here because of Tahoe’s remarkable beauty. Let’s set an example. You’d be surprised how far the domino effect will travel.

“That’s all I have to say about that.”

Karen Jaime

South Lake Tahoe

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