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Letter to the editor- Here are some tips for the City Council

To the editor,

I was at a sports event recently and found myself sitting by City Councilman Tom Davis. We introduced ourselves and began talking. Much to his credit, he asked me what I thought about city issues and how I thought the council was doing in general and what I thought about the job he was doing. I was pleased to be asked and felt I owed him a straight answer. After thanking him for having the courage to ask I told him just what I think. Here is what I told Mr. Davis.

I often find myself watching the City Council on the local channel. I usually end up turning it off in frustration because of the lack of focus on the big problems they have and the enormous amount of time they spend o minor matters that the manager should be handling without them. No wonder he quit. They will bicker and go on for hours over garbage cans and other oddball inconsequential things while major problems get short shrift.

I told Mr. Davis that the small micro issues have become such a logjam to the process that a huge dam of important matters are building up behind. Mayor Brooke Laine needs to be more effective. She needs to find a way to keep Mr. Crawford from apparently deliberately derailing the discussions.

As a group the council needs to get it together. If there is truly a budget crisis as they say, then why aren’t they working on it day and night? They could take a lesson from our president and congress. Together they have focused their energy and ebate on teh major issues such as the war on terrorism, the economy and education. Our council should do the same. Our council should focus on redevelopment including the convention center and decent reasonably priced housing. They should be working hard on rebuilding our local economy and creating good well paying jobs. Until they get the funds coming in again, nothing else should be taking up their attention.

Mitch Shindelbower

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