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Letter to the Editor: In apology and a prayer for Maui

Melodie Swanson
South Lake Tahoe

Maui, the sweet, spirited Brittany Spaniel who roamed our Al Tahoe neighborhood, needlessly died recently.

We told her young owners she could get attacked by coyotes, eat something bad for her or, as happened this morning, get hit by a car.

The other neighbors and I talked about taking her to a shelter or even calling animal control. I know animal control will issue a warning before giving citation or taking the dog away, but we never did it. I never did it.

And I’m so sorry, Maui. My tears won’t bring you back, I just pray there is a Heaven for sweet, neglected dogs so they can finally get the love they deserve.

The guys who hit her were not speeding. They didn’t see her as they turned a corner. They were even kind enough to take her body away for the owner. They were not to blame, but they have to live with it.

Please Tahoe, if you see your neighbors letting their dogs run free, call someone. You’re not being a bad neighbor, you will be respecting the life of an animal when their own owners do not.