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Letter to the editor- Ivins living on another planet

To the editor:

For her editorial in last Friday’s Tahoe Daily Tribune, Molly Ivins chose the intriguing title, “Media has a right-wing bias.” Was she really serious or just trying to be funny? If the former, then I have to wonder what planet Ivins has been living on. In actuality, as she certainly knows, the vast majority of major media sources have been, still are, and probably always will be, very liberal in their reporting and editorializing. By the way, note that rather than using the label “conservative” in her title, she selects the far more titillating “right-wing.” Guess it gives her an added rush.

Unfortunately, Ivins fails to back up her gripe. Is she referring to newspapers, television or radio? Presumably all three, although the only specific source she mentions is “The Wall Street Journal” – hardly among the major papers read by most Americans. What about the Los Angeles times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and most newspapers published in our large metropolitan cities? How about the news anchors on the major TV networks and the moderators on the well-known TV talk shows? Most are decidedly liberal.

Still living in the past, Ivins laments all of the Clinton trashing that took place. Of course, like Hillary, she blames the “right-wing” for this, conveniently forgetting that even the liberal media got tired of defending the Clintons for their actions and began to chastise them. She also chooses to ignore the GW bashing that has been going on; something that regularly finds its way into her column, especially in the way of really “cute,” little, derogatory remarks. Anyway, Molly, your editorial has a definite left-wing bias, but then that isn’t surprising since you are way beyond being just a good liberal.

Bob Barneson

South Lake Tahoe

-Editor’s note…Headlines are generally written by page designers at the newspaper

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