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Letter to the editor- Let’s set the record straight


To the editor:

I remember Pearl Harbor. I was born in L.A. (as was my mother) and there is one sentence in GreenScene (Dec. 7) that, through no fault of the writer, is offensive to me. “Japanese Americans were rounded up and forced into internment camps.”

Without the human element, this relatively mild (compared to others) I’ve seen, report, is not descriptive of what happened in the evacuation of Japanese Americans from the West Coastline of America. This border zone extending from the ocean to and including L.A. was my family territory in a Japanese American-Caucasian mixture neighborhood. The peace and settlement there was affected greatly by the war. Roosevelt was a Democrat. I was not. But it was common sense that told me and the community there was urgency. Shelling of our coastline, submarine intrusion and the need to act fast for protection from the enemy who did not hesitate to sneak up and attack; the evacuation was because we should not be so dumb as to provide the enemy with cover because he duplicated, in looks, our Japanese-Americans. If they had relatives or friends east of the border control zone, go there. They were told many did not, or couldn’t arrange accommodation so fast, that is why internment (for the duration) camps were set up.

One “internment camp” was in the Santa Anita Race Track grounds in Arcadia, Calif., not far from where I lived, 15 miles from L.A. I want to emphasize that “racism,” the word entered later by liberal revisionism, had no part in the mind-set of we who, like now for Sept. 11, the people, were joined to protection of all Americans over the enemies who would destroy them all equally, without any human element at all. That’s the truth of it.

June Hoffman

South Lake Tahoe

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