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Letter to the editor- Live life with more purpose

To the editor:

In the chilling aftermath of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks, Americans and the world struggle with so many issues as grim reality sets in. Certainly it will take months, even years, to sort out our anger, our fears and our losses.

For now, we can only watch as the death toll rises and try to find some “silver lining” in one of the darkest clouds we have ever seen. But how can we find anything valuable or meaningful in such senseless horror and loss?

The more important question is, “How can we not?”

While we mourn the loss of those many civilians, rescuers, military personnel and their families, we can give their deaths meaning and value by recognizing the gifts they left for us:

A greater appreciation for life’s real treasures: Health, love, friends and family, to name a few.

A powerful reminder that life is fragile; every day is a gift.

A wonderful challenge to live our lives with even more purpose than yesterday … to love more and judge less … to complain less and contribute more, remembering that so many people no longer have that opportunity.

Thank you … all of you, though I never knew your names.

Randy Flynn

South Lake Tahoe

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