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Letter To the editor: Medical marijuana

As I read Ms. Fortier’s April 18, ViewPoint I couldn’t help but consider

how powerful it must make one feel to be able to disseminate to the public

one’s opinion in such a smug facetious manner. Cloaked by the protections

offered by the First Amendment, Ms. Fortier is able to sit in her office and

allow responsible journalism to take a distant backseat to her ability to

offer her subjective and biased speculation and conjecture on young Mr.

Macosko’s true intentions and beliefs.

Mr. Macosko now faces a battle for his freedom because he has acted,

rightly or wrongly, on his belief that marijuana may help alleviate some of

the suffering endured by people with chronic and sometimes life threatening

diseases. I seriously doubt that he believes that his actions are going to

cure the maladies such as those Edward Jenner and Linus Pauling attempted to

conquer through their scientific endeavors. I also doubt that he holds

himself out to be either a scientist or a doctor of medicine. I don’t know,

but maybe Ms. Fortier is a scientist, a doctor, or the recipient of some

other advanced educational degree which qualifies her to make the comments

and comparisons stated in her diatribe. Obviously, in her own viewpoint,

she is competent to tender her comments to the public which may someday

comprise the jury of peers who will judge Mr. Macosko.

At least one positive for Mr. Macosko may result from the ViewPoint. If

he gets a haircut, gets a business license, and works on a cure for Aids he

might have a chance of obtaining Ms. Fortier’s approval.

Michael J. Roeser

Zephyr Cove, Nevada

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