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Letter to the editor- Nothing to cheer about

To the editor:

I couldn’t believe someone actually wrote that the Linear Park was something to cheer about. It is a constant negative topic of conversation each summer since it’s been put in. I’ve not heard of one single person who likes it, until the “Three Cheer’s” letter. I couldn’t believe it! It should be renamed “Weed Alley” since there’s nothing park like about it.

While the pathway and the lights are nice, that’s not what you see when driving by, because they are mostly on a slant. What you see is an abandoned strip of land, bulging with weeds not a planned groomed development. This is an embarrassment to our community. When you look at the other side of the street where it’s all grass, tailored, and well kept, then look over at Weed Alley, there’s absolutely no comparison. This look might be OK in many areas surrounding Lake Tahoe, but not to line our city streets.

Aren’t we trying to beautify our community? Isn’t that what the purpose of redevelopment is? Many businesses in our community are spending hard earned dollars to revitalize and upgrade their buildings, especially for curb appeal. When you look at many things the city has done, including the Regan Beach area where they put grass along side the pathways for walking and biking, those are REAL credits to the City. Weed Alley is not. Just imagine if Regan Beach and all the other areas were done in this style. It would look like a ghost town.

In talking with several city officials about Weed Alley, they are all in complete agreement that it’s horrible looking and further stated that they get lots and lots of complaints about it. Apparently this was the brainchild of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, and the city was merely trying to accommodate their plan. Again, I hate to use the word “planned” because it looks abandoned, not planned. The city has informed me and others that they are giving the “natural look” one more year to kick in, then they will take out the drip system, and put in sprinklers and grass. Why wait? How long do you need to recognize a failed project?

I’m really surprised that the Tahoe Meadows gated community isn’t openly complaining about how ugly it makes their beautiful new fence and entryway look. After living with the Stalag 17 looking fence for so many years, to now have their prime properties butting up to a failed project showing off only weeds, instead of a nice tailored grassy area where it would really add a nice rich feeling, must really upset them.

Plus, aren’t weeds a fire hazard? We’re always hearing that we have to clear away weeds to protect our homes from fire, then the League jumps in and plants weeds purposely, which could fuel a fire right near businesses and homes. What were they thinking?

Even the person who wrote the article “Three Cheer’s for the Linear Park” admitted it looks scraggly when driving by, and further said that if you get out of your car and walk along it, the careful observer with some understanding can see what the attempt was is really reaching in my view. How many of our visitors are going to park, get out of their car, get their binoculars out to find what the attempt was? Who wants to go through that.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whoever designed Weed Alley needs a major eye exam.

Jan McCarthy-Sutton

South Lake Tahoe

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