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Letter to the editor- Our great bus mystery

Hank Raymond, South Lake Tahoe

A few days ago an article appeared in the Tahoe Daily Tribune that reported that a new grant for transportation will be used to add more buses to existing bus routes. The news is also always full of how South Lake Tahoe is going to have a new state-of-the-art transportation system and how computers and GPS systems will make everything run so smoothly and efficiently. It’s hard for me to imagine that such a transformation could ever come about.

Our current fleet of “Mystery Buses” travels around town to unknown locations at unknown times on unknown routes. People currently don’t ride the buses because no one knows where they go or when they are scheduled to come by. Have you ever stopped at a bus stop to look for any information on bus routes or schedules? You’ll never find anything there. We have a nice transportation center at the “Y.” Stop by there and see what information you can find out. You’ll find a schedule for the Amtrak bus that goes between Sacramento and Carson City and schedules for Amtrak buses that connect with that route, but you won’t find a single stitch of information about any local buses or the trolley. If the locals can’t figure it out, how could we ever expect tourists to figure it out?

Most cities that have bus services have route maps and schedules posted at bus stops. Anyone can just walk up to the stop, look at a map, read the schedule and figure out which bus to take and when that bus will come by. In this town, it’s impossible. The only way to find out how to take the bus somewhere is to ask someone who knows and hopefully that information is good enough. The situation is deplorable. Why doesn’t someone get a clue and fix this problem? Isn’t anybody in charge of this? Why not use some of the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the transportation budget to post maps and schedules at bus stops? Maybe even post some maps and schedules at the transportation center. What a concept!

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