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Letter to the editor- Outraged by writer’s opinion

To the editor:

This letter is to express my outrage at the Steve Goldman letter of 9/11.

It is his implication that the diabolical and despicable terrorists acts

perpetrated against this country and its citizens can be understood because

of some justified hatred that others have for the U.S. Such a suggestion is


According to Mr. Goldman, monies spent by the U.S. for arms, “weapons of

mass destruction”, or supporting “economic development that is destructive

to the Earth” could be better used to feed the hungry of the world, thus

thwarting this hatred . It is my understanding that the primary

responsibility of our government is to protect its citizens. It is with the

arms and weapons, of which he speaks, and the loss of countless American

lives, that we have in the past have been able to bring peace, freedom and

democracy to our precious country and to other freedom loving citizens

throughout this world. Even today we are acting as “Peace Keepers” in many

places in the world. Also, it is through the hard work and ingenuity of

our people over the years that we have flourished as a free and open society

and have exported economic prosperity to developing countries. And it is

with the good hearts and unselfish spirits of our citizenry that we have

generously shared our wealth with less fortunate people elswhere.

We in this country are truly blessed. To have our innocent citizens

slaughtered and to have the freedoms that we hold so dear compromised and

our losses celebrated by those who hate us can only be answered with a

steely resolve to destroy the enemy “Terrorism” and unite as patriotic

citizens that love, support and will defend our country.

Joyce Alexander

So. Lake Tahoe

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