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Letter to the editor- Pay a living wage to us

Letter to the editor- It is no secret that you can’t move to Tahoe and make a million dollars.

For years, we have been told that this is the sacrifice that we have to make for living in “paradise”.

Well, now that paradise is being paved over in the name of redevelopment, what consolation is there for locals who make up the workforce that keeps this town running? From the moment that ground was broken for redevelopment, housing costs have continued to climb. Now we have prices for new homes and rentals alike that rival urban area off the hill … but where are the wages? Employers seem to be living in a la-la land thinking that they can continue to offer $6.50 an hour to a father of three and that is a livable wage! I have worked in personnel for the past few months, and I find it shameful that the corporation I work for can be a “four-star” resort, and still offer its people such low wages. Even $9 is barely enough to scrape by.

So here we have a dilemma. Everyone thinks that redevelopment will be the answer to all our problems as a town, and they are only thinking in terms of tourism! What makes this place great has been and will continue to be the people that live and work here. How can they be compensated properly? The answer is not building new “low cost housing.” The answer is stopping out-of-towners from buying our homes out from under us.

The answer is rent control. The answer is for the businesses (Heavenly, Harrahs, Caesars and even the “smaller” businesses) to begin working on budgeting for higher employee wages. Minimum wage may be alright for a twenty-something person who lives with five roomates, but it is a disgrace to make families live from hand to mouth like this.

(And it’s not like we can move off the hill and find better jobs, because we can’t save enough to even consider moving!)

I would like to hear about the formation of a League for Tahoe workers.

Where else can we begin to champion for our selves? It is high time that we were given the consideration that we give to the millions of guests we serve.

Lisa Marsh


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