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Letter to the editor- Perspective in everyday life

To the editor:

It’s 10:24 a.m., ninth month, 11th day of the year, 2001. State of emergency, so to speak. I sit at my desk, only hours after the most horrific catastrophe occurring in our country since Pearl Harbor or the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Some can hardly remember those terrible moments.

I wonder if I should be here, bothered by these other problems I deal with day to day. Time has stood still. I don’t know what to think or feel, as most of us can relate. I do know that all I have been wondering about, all my mistakes, all my regrets, have left my mind. It is so petty, so meaningless compared to what has just t happened in this country. Ironically, it feels like a new beginning. Although this tragedy has burdened us with grief and loss, this may be something to wake us up and put our lives in perspective.

Now I ask you, do you take your smile, your family, your friends, walks in the park, moments sitting on the beach, trees that bring the birds that sing, the flowers that brighten our world, for granted? Are we going to get enraged at the person in front of us on the road not going fast enough, get angry at our children if they cause us to run a little late, get upset when we just don’t get our way?

Tristan Portiolo

South Lake Tahoe

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