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Letter to the editor- Pollock Pines plan is good

To the editor:

As a member of the supervisorial redistricting committee, perhaps I might add some insights as to why the Pollock Pines plan was submitted for consideration by the Board of Supervisors along with the Strawberry plan.

The Pollock Pines plan increases the presence of Supervisor Helen Baumann and District 2 in the Tahoe Basin while keeping a two-thirds majority of his present district in the basin for Supervisor Dave Solaro and District 5. The plan also gives Mr. Solaro the opportunity to experience first-hand some of the problems of the county outside of the Tahoe Basin by assigning to his present district the small but attractive and thriving community of Pollock Pines.

The proposal to alter the boundaries of District 2 and District 5 was designed to increase the political representation of the Tahoe Basin on the Board of Supervisors. It was prompted by the new census figures that dictate changes in district lines reflecting population shifts that might have occurred over the past 10 years. Mr. Soalro’s district shrunk and needed more population. His proposal, the Strawberry plan, was to acquire the needed additional population by shrinking even further the already diminished presence of Supervisor Baumann in the basin. Mr. Solaro has 100 percent of his district in the basin at the present time and Mrs. Baumann has about 10 percent of her district in Tahoe. If the Pollock Pines proposal is adopted, Mr. Solaro will still retain an overwhelming two-thirds of his district in the basin and Mrs. Baumann’s presence will increase from a minuscule 10 percent to 33-1/3 percent.

The increase in Mrs. Baumann’s district will add considerably to the excellent representation already provided by Mr. Solaro. It seems self-evident that the basin is much better off to have two effective supervisors rather than one and a token representative as proposed under the Strawberry plan backed by Mr. Solaro.

There is another benefit from the Pollock Pines plan. It is untrue to suggest Pollock Pines has no community of interest with the basin. Though small, they are the last significant population center before entering the basin. They are served in many economic ways by travelers on U.S. Highway 50 to Tahoe. They are concerned that Tahoe remains healthy and vital. And it is important for both basin supervisors to be aware of the problems of the rest of El Dorado County. Much of the poor planning that has affected El Dorado County and the nasty traffic congestion that has often resulted has a depressing effect on Lake Tahoe. Each time there are delays on Highway 50, the economy of Lake Tahoe is negatively impacted. With this proposed plan both Tahoe Basin supervisors will have some accountability as to their votes on county planning matters, not just the present supervisor of District 2.

The primary objective of the Pollock Pines plan was to enhance the political power of the basin on the Board of Supervisors. Certainly, two strong supervisors in the basin provide better representation than only one. Mr. Solaro has done a fine job representing the district, as had Mr. Upton before him. Having the assistance and support of a capable, energetic and committed Helen Baumann at that continuing task would seem to me to be a great plus for South Lake Tahoe and environs.

Jerome R. Waldie

District 2 Redistricting Committee member

Placerville, Calif.

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