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Letter to the editor- Pray we do the right thing

Don Landauer, South Lake Tahoe

I thought that some of your readers would like to read the comments of someone who lived through World War II and all the wars and police actions since then.

Many people have likened the monstrous attack on New York and Washington, D.C. to the one in 1941 on Pearl Harbor. There are some similarities and some significant differences. The shock, sadness, outrage and patriotism we all felt and feel are common to both attacks. Also, there was, and is, the terrible concern of what might happen next. Last Tuesday we learned within a few minutes via television exactly what had happened and where. However, in 1941 the question on everyone’s lips was, “Where the hell is Pearl Harbor?” It took several hours for radio reports and then several days for newsreels at the movie theaters to bring us any accurate news.

Another difference is that in those dark days we knew precisely who had attacked us. To my amazement as a teen-ager, a radio announcer made the incredible statement, “Those Jap bastards have bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii!” The feeling of outrage was exacerbated by the fact that the Japanese diplomats were talking peace in Washington during the bombing. “Treachery” was the most often spoken word. Unlike 1941, today we have a feeling of frustration re “who did it?” I think that will last until a person and/or a country is identified positively as the perpetrator. Then I trust we will see a mighty wave of determination, patriotism and unity of purpose that hasn’t been seen in 60 years.

In 1941 we were thrust into a war in which our leaders knew precisely what to do and where to direct our anger and rage. I pray our leaders today will have the wisdom to lead us in the right direction. God bless America!

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