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Letter to the editor- Provide us a place to live

To the editor:

Formidable scenarios are in our immediate future if we, the people, allow the integrity of our Master and Community Plans to be violated. These plans were created and invoked to maintain the long-term values and quality of the region. Certainly, change is taking place and affordable housing is desirable. However, in all good consciousness, is there a necessity to demolish five buildings of 187 units on Kahle Drive to replace them on three or four sites of pristine forest land?

Land coverage, road grading, excavation and wanton despoiling of hundreds of pine trees would be a rapacious plundering of a virgin area. Surely, replacement of housing on a currently ravished area would be preferable. If a catch basin is essential for run-off in this region, the meadowland across Kahle Drive and the current apartments would be a far more prudent location for a catch basin plan.

The proposed request for zoning change is for a 9-acre parcel fronting on U.S. Highway 50. However, my understanding is that ingress and egress on Highway 50 would be denied, but approved for access on Elk Point Road. Elk Point Road is a two-lane road and the one entrance and exit to Highway 50 for a fire station, the Catholic church, 110 time-share units, Dorla Court businesses, Nevada Beach – a public recreational area and campground, Elk Point Country Club’s 89 residences, Bitler and Mason beaches’ approximately 12 homes, and roadway parking during the summertime of 12 to 46 cars daily.

Taking into consideration the zoning change being requested, adding new buildings housing anywhere from 60 to 100 families will result in vehicle miles traveled for casino employees and service and recreational employees, causing the environmental thresholds of the regional plan with its rules, regulations and ordinances of air and water quality, land coverage, scenic, recreational and natural resources and all other standards that contribute to the quality and beauty of this region to be breached. Perhaps the hour has arrived when the employers of this basin assume the housing responsibility of their employees as our forefathers did in building housing facilities for the employees of the railroads, lumber, mining and business employees.

Eleanor Brown

Zephyr Cove

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