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Letter to the Editor: Radon is big issue

Jeff Miner
South Lake Tahoe

This Tuesday I drove down to Placerville, in the snow, to be granted a three minute audience with the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. I dutifully abridged my discussion of the Tahoe radon problem and the deplorable inaction by Environmental Management into the three minute time slot. Radon may be a problem at Tahoe but is still not an issue for El Dorado County leadership.

The Supervisors did, however, adopt a resolution declaring January as “Radon Action Month.” If only I could get them to put some of that “action” into their own Environmental Management Dept. Apparently the 90 percent of houses on the South Shore in high and very high radon potential regions, according to the California Geological Survey, (more than Iowa, the highest radon state in the nation), does not get anyone there excited enough to do more than hand out a few free test kits.

Excuse me, but the people of Tahoe deserve a better response to this carcinogen trapped in their houses.