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Letter to the editor- Remember to wave that flag

Adriana Maggie Tingle
South Lake Tahoe

As the week starts and TV programming goes back to normal, no one will be the same. I was born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I lived 31 years in New York, then I moved to Tahoe. I’ve said many a time that you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but not the Brooklyn out of the girl.

I called frantically to find out about my two brothers and aunt and uncle, to see if they were all right. My brother, Robert, was late to work because of a car accident. He stopped to calm a neighbor down and she saved my brother’s life. It made him eight minutes late; he was on the Brooklyn Bridge on his bike when he saw the plane heading to the World Trade Center. He watched in horror as the first plane hit. He turned around and headed back to Bay Ridge Brooklyn, to let my aunt know he was all right.

My friend called me on the morning of the 11th and told me to turn the television on – I was not going to like what I saw. I asked what channel, and she said it didn’t matter. The television shocked me. I cried for days. My home would never be the same. It’s still home in my heart, even after 10 years in Tahoe.

The TV cameras were shooting from an angle that was toward Brooklyn. After I watched the building collapse, I could see the Verrazzno Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. I love that bridge, and to see it due to the World Trade Center being gone, is still hard to grasp.

To see what has always been a part of my life in Brooklyn when you look out over the Hudson River, or on the “N” train when it was going over the Brooklyn Bridge, it still, even after a week, is hard to believe.

I’ll never have the chance to go ride the elevators to the observation deck or eat at the Windows On The World. As I said, no one would ever be the same.

One thing that has come out of it is in town people seem more polite and smile at strangers, and as a town where we work with the tourist, off the job I avoid saying hello to the people I pass. I’ve done enough, “Hi, are you finding everything all right?” with a smile.

As Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia wrote and the Grateful Dead sang, “Wave that flag, wave it wide all the time.

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