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Letter to the Editor: Respect my right not to vaccinate

I don’t hate Pro-Vaxx parents. I don’t even dislike them. I have nothing but love and compassion for them because we are the same. We both want what’s best for our children. I commend them for being caring parents and doing what they feel is right. As am I, so all I ask of them, is please don’t condemn me for doing the same. I am not here to argue, name-call or convince them of my way, but rather to let them know that they will have my support if the day comes that they have questions or decide a different way for their families. Something they may not be aware of, is that most of the Anti-Vaxx community is full of parents who once walked in their shoes. Unfortunately, they came to their conclusion through injury or loss of their children. I can only hope that neither they nor I endure such pain because of the choices we made. An additional misconception is that Anti-Vaxxers is not a movement. We are a community. We are here for eachother, feel for eachother and love our children just as much as you love yours. We feel the freedom of choice is a powerful right and we will not discriminate against them and the choices they make. However, I must inform them that if our exemption right is taken away, yes we will kindly step aside, but we will not go down without a fight. We have the same rights they have. We are human, just like they are, and again, we want what we feel is best for our children, just like they do.

We can agree to disagree without playing the blame game. What happened to the saying “peace on Earth”? How can we achieve that when there is so much hate on this topic? So much hate in general? If we can’t find a way to come together and agree to disagree, then what as humans and as loving parents have we accomplished? What kind of example will we be to our children? We need to teach them to love one another not hate or fear eachother. That, regardless of skin color, Religious beliefs or vaccinated status, they can still have love in their hearts. We need to instill compassion, hope, humility and humbleness. Not anger, fear, hate and resentment. I am losing faith in humanity and losing hope in the freedom of personal choice in this country. How can we strive for a better world when we hate eachother? Blame eachother? All the hate and blame created from this topic is spreading a disease far worse than the disease we keep debating about. It is time to take responsibility for our choices, for our actions, for our OWN feelings and regain our hope to make this world a better place. We can rise above this. We still have time to find love in our hearts toward one another and give encouragement to eachother for just wanting to do what we think is right for our familes. I may not agree with their decisions, but I will respect them.

My point is, that vaccinated or not, we all risk the chance of becoming sick, and I feel in my heart to tell them that if it happens to be my child, not for one second would I blame them. I would never vote or wish to sue them or jail them because of their personal choices. Our belief determines our reality and just because their belief is different than mine, that doesn’t make them wrong. I hope they can find compassion in their hearts and understand the true meaning of personal choice. I also hope their right of personal choice is never in jeopardy, as ours is right now, because of fear. I wish them and their families nothing but health and happiness and I look forward to the day we all live in peace.

With deepest sincerity from a compassionate Anti-Vaxx mother.

Jessalyn Manina

South Lake Tahoe

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