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Letter to the editor- River science may be hoax

To the editor:

I agree with Dr. Maria Pielaet’s assessment of the California Tahoe Conservancy’s short sightedness on the subject of the Upper Truckee River (see the Tribune June 8-10). Indeed the river is a living thing and as it winds through our meadows on it’s way to Lake Tahoe, it is constantly cutting new banks or altering old ones. Where in the past I could walk on a path along the river, I no longer can because the river has cut away the path which is now part of the river. The river, alive and free, claims what is rightfully its. The river does not need the conservancy’s permission to move and in time correct our mistakes and it will do so without the conservancy’s violent intrusion with earth moving tools. The conservancy cannot know what the end results of its intrusion will be. Let the river heal itself. The river does not need us to heal.

Also, the conservancy is a bad neighbor because it puts projects before people, ignoring the fact that people are part of the ecology; no more so than wild like, but not less. The conservancy would flood a whole neighborhood for the sake of fulfilling Mr. Goldman’s dream, for his project that the people will pay for in more ways than one. Goldman employs science as justification for intruding and disturbing the river and possibly destroying a neighborhood that has existed for decades. His science is hocus-pocus, nonsense designed to deceive the public into believing what is unnecessary is necessary. Under the hot sun of an open and fair cross examination, the conservancy’s project for moving the course of the Upper Truckee River can be proven to be a hoax performed not because it is sound science, but because it is on a wish list that keeps a large number of people fully employed, dreaming of course.

Bill Crawford, South Lake Tahoe

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