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Letter to the editor- Son proves parents wrong

To the editor:

Since he was a little boy, he dreamt of a car that jumped by itself, even though at that time there was nothing close to it. He started growing up with that thought in mind. And while he was studying, he wanted to work to save the money, so one day it could be enough to get what he wanted.

He went to Harrah’s Casino, applied for a job with no experience at all, and they didn’t give him the opportunity he needed to start off. So he went to Horizon Casino, and there was, like its name says, the horizon that helped my son make his dream come true with the effort of my son and the opportunity to make some money from his job. Since then, he has been working two years at that place, doing any kind of job, like bus person, host, snack bar and warehouse. He worked so hard, 15 to 18 hours at the weekends. He had everything against him because at first time we didn’t agree. We thought it was an expensive hobby and useless loss of money that he earned with a lot of effort. But so soon he proved to us how wrong we were.

After he saved all the money he needed, he started collecting information about the best places to go to get the job done. He didn’t tell us anything until he got his hydraulics installed. He explained to us how they work and what they do, and to be honest, I was amazed to see that truck jumping like a horse, like I’ve never seen one of these cars with hydraulics jumping by itself. But it is my son’s effort, hard job, and to tell the truth to all this, there’s not many people who live here in Lake Tahoe at age 18 years who’ve got their goals and dreams done only from their job and without any help at all and their parents against it. You can say it is not much money, but to him, it was a little fortune.

After this, he is looking forward to continue his career as a police officer, at college, which he stopped last year because he needed to work to get one of his goals done. Now just let me say, we didn’t give him the money, but we are giving him the support and love he needs to keep going in life.

Cecilia and Raymundo Alatorre

South Lake Tahoe

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