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Letter to the editor- Stealing the stars and stripes

To the editor:

One thing I have observed since Sept. 11 is that we are once again, and for the first time since November 1963, the reunited United States of America. As it was asked then, it will be asked now, where were you on Sept. 11, the day the world changed and America was reborn without skin color and with only one nationality, American.

I, like many other Americans, hung the American flag in front of my home to honor the lost and to show that the American spirit is not so easily put down. On Oct. 1 my flag was stolen in the middle of the night by a coward no different than the terrorist responsible for the cowardly acts of Sept. 11. I understand that flags are in short supply and are hard to find; however, there is no excuse to steal the American flag from your neighbor. It is my belief that what makes a good neighborhood is good neighbors. I have made conscious, deliberate and diligent efforts to be a good neighbor by doing all that society expects. I watch out for my neighbor’s home, property and children. I call 911, serve on the jury, try to be aware when my neighbors go out of town, and all I expect in return is to have good neighbors look out for my family, my home and my property.

So please honor my flag. Fly my flag in front of your door and when your fellow American admires that flag, be sure to tell them with pride, “I stole this flag from my neighbor.”

Tim Penn

Zephyr Cove

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