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Letter to the editor- STHS should fix its problem

To the editor:

This morning we awoke to the sound of car doors closing. When we looked out the window we saw cars parking in front of our house and all along Taylor Way. Our neighbors’ house has cars blocking their driveway! If they came up today, they could not even get to their house.

Now that the city has made Gardner Street off-limits to the high-schoolers, they have moved one street over to Taylor Way. This has got to stop! There are plenty of places on campus for the kids to park.

I spoke with Jack Stafford this morning to address the issue and he told me, “You need to call the police, this is not our problem.” Not your problem? I beg to differ! When I asked him why the kids cannot park down by the football field in that shiny new parking lot, he said, “They can park down there, but they don’t want to walk up the hill.” Yet before they built that new building on that lot, they parked there all the time; why not now? Maybe it is more “cool” to park out on the street. Or is it because they are lazy and spoiled? Yet they walk the same distance and spend time looking for a place to park in our neighborhood. How many kids are late to first period because they drive around looking for a place to park and have to walk a couple of blocks?

Jack Stafford also told me that “They (the school) cannot force the kids to park on campus – if they don’t want to, then they (the school) can’t do anything about it.” Take some responsibility! You can lecture your students about parking, tell them to ride a bike or take the bus to school. Don’t just pass it off.

And how about when the school provided an additional parking lot for teachers and staff; why didn’t they also think about more parking for students? This has to end.

And where are the parents? If your kid drives to school and “can’t park” on campus, take some responsibility. I urge you to drive by our neighborhood and see where your child is parking. Take responsibility.

And how about the students themselves? You walk all over campus and can see where you could park; why don’t you address this with the principal? And if you can park in the lower lot by the football field, why don’t you?

And why do you park in someone’s driveway, blocking it? Have you no manners?

This parking issue needs to be resolved. There is absolutely no reason for these kids to park in front of our houses. The city, the school, the parents, and the students need to get involved and take responsibility and resolve this issue. There is plenty of parking available on campus, and it should be enforced.

Garrick Andrews

Erika Chrobok

South Lake Tahoe

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