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Letter to the editor- Tahoe castle is good for us

To the editor- In response to Milt Kagan’s letter (Tahoe Castle is an outrage) you state that “holders of great wealth should contribute to society from which they benefitted, particularly since some of their affluence had not been taxed”. How many people do you think Mr. Horowitz has employed and how many millions of dollars in salaries, payroll taxes and charitable contributions has he and his company paid? Isn’t that contributing to society? What more does he have to do? We need more people like Mr Horowitz who has the vision and desire to build a very successful company that gives opportunities to many people. Mr. Kagan, I would bet that you have never owned a business nor do you realize how much these “wealthy” people and for that matter most business owners contribute to society providing jobs and through payroll taxes ( with fund social security and unemployment compensation benefits for SOCIETY), and other little known taxes that the nonbusiness owner would know nothing about. All the estate tax does is allow the government to take up to 55% of an individuals hard earned net worth and redistribute throughout society because the government believes they can do this better than we can. Let Mr. Horowitz and people as wealthy as him keep all his net worth at death and you will see that he and others like him are much smarter than the government at redistributing the wealth through the creation of jobs and opportunities for all of society. The estate tax has been around for many years and the last time I checked it has not solved any of societies problems to date. !

If Mr Horowitz has the means to build a house that big and expensive more power to him. He has earned it through giving opportunities to many others in this country to do the same. That is what makes this country great!! By the way Mr Kagan, Douglas county will get a nice property tax check from Mr Horowitz each year, probably much more than any services he will receive from the county.

Mr. Kagan, the wealthy people in this country are not evil, they create opportunities for the rest of society if the government would just stay out of their way, something at which the government has failed miserably to date. If I were you my anger would be with the government for taking all of this potential capital away from wealthy people and squandering it all of these years!! It’s time to stop the class warfare in this country and stop being so jealous and resentful towards very wealthy people. They create so many opportunities for the rest of society and they could do so much more if the government and people that think like you would get out of the way!!

Chris Mann

South Lake Tahoe

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