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Letter to the editor- Tahoe’s new look is ugly

To the editor:

This is a long overdue letter to express my outrage and heartbreaking sadness at the loss of a town called Tahoe.

As I drove through Stateline on Friday I wanted to cry. What have they done with the quiet little town I grew up with? Can someone please explain to me how the big hotel conglomerate got permission to build and create this circus atmospheric gondola and hotel/condominium complex? What justification did the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency have that they approved and allowed the cutting down of 100-year-old trees to be replaced with this super monstrosity? For all of the years I had lived in Tahoe you couldn’t get a permit from the TRPA to build a dog house if it covered preciously-guarded open ground.

I often heard that locals were thrilled and excited with the whole redevelopment project. I, for one, was never asked for my vote. Locals lost control a long time ago. I have yet to hear anyone discuss how they plan on dealing with the increased congestion and air pollution brought to town from increased tourist activity. In my own naive way I wanted to believe these were still priority concerns.

I guess as they say, “time marches on,” and so have we. We no longer live in Tahoe. It just got to be too crowded summer and winter. I am sure the main drivers of the redevelopment project are pleased with the growth of tourism and are having sleep-filled dreams of $$$$$$$.

Why am I writing this, you might ask, since it is obviously a done deal and I no longer live in Tahoe? I needed to express my frustration and let people know not everyone is happy with the new look.

Catherine Stryker

Reno, Nev.

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