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Letter to the editor: The city should spend money on programs instead of SnowGlobe

I wanted to comment on the article about the SnowGlobe agreement that has been approved. I feel that there have been enough concerned citizens in the area that have complained over the years of SnowGlobe and we are not being heard.

I am a single mother with two school-age children in the area and one of the major problems that this community is faced with is affordable, quality care. For many of the working-class people in this area, even families with more than one income in the household, struggle to get by and make ends meet every month.

The Recreation Complex used to offer a quality children’s program during the school year and summer. Due to budget cuts and layoffs, that program is no longer available. For school aged children, the only program offered in this community is Boys & Girls Club.

Instead of spending, $33,933 on the SnowGlobe event, I would prefer my tax money help pay for a quality children’s program for my children and needs in our community than a three day event that is loud, drug ridden and unnecessary for our community. I can definitely see that money doing other quality things for our community than a weekend party.

I would like to see this event held during another time of the year instead of during the busiest time; New Year’s. This town already generates a lot of people from out of the area during this time of year. If SnowGlobe brings in, $6.2 million, then having it during another time frame should be of no concern. We average about 50,000 to 60,000 people from out of the area during New Year’s weekend. How many of those 12,000 people would come to the area just for SnowGlobe and not for a holiday break?

Jeanna Rangel

South Lake Tahoe

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