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Letter to the editor- This life is not about us


To the editor:

I have to wonder about Christmas holidays … When I was a kid, it was time to go shopping for others and hope that someone was getting that special something for me. It was a time of getting a fresh tree and helping to decorate it with various hanging things, lights on a wire and tinsel. It was the expectation of having a special time brought about by someone named Santa Claus, who may or may not have been the real source of the presents under the tree or the real hero of the holiday season. It was a time when at least some of the family attended a late-night church service with candles and music and sometimes a performance that presented a biblical or church view of Christmas. Afterward, we vacated the parking area quickly to get home to something warm to drink and maybe open a present or two; a teaser before the attack on the surprises under the tree the next morning. That was a long time ago. That was when President Eisenhower was in office.

It seems as if times have not changed much. Or have they? Christmas then was full of fun and glitz for the little ones and those who cherished those memories over the passing years, continuing the basic tradition to their offspring. But for a while the focus seemed to drift into a season of pursuit for personal satisfaction for both parents and children alike; the goodies available for purchase took center stage and the meaning of Christmas was overtaken by the Xmas mentality. Who had room for the way Christmas used to be, the original meaning wasn’t relevant anymore; besides, it wasn’t even appropriate to publicly celebrate any religious significance that may have been tied to the early origins of Christmas.

On Sept. 11, the views of the courts and those who fight against public religious freedom found that many in this country still value the belief that God can be part of our everyday lives. They declared their acknowledgment of him and asked for his blessing. Christmas is intended to be a message that he cares about people, he cares a great deal about people. My prayer is that this Christmas will be a time of reflection on what he has done for us. After all, for those who can accept it, this life is not about us, it is about what God has done and continues to do for us, and our response to his gift for us at Christmas.

Allan Pierce

South Lake Tahoe

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