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Letter to the editor- TRPA makes me optimistic


Letter to the editor-

I am so happy to read that — predictably! — TRPA approved the 300′ long boat pier to serve the play times of three wealthy and powerful homes in Glenbrook. Similarly, they approved the expansion of the Marina to serve the play times of 120 additional wealthy families … I am happy because, Juan Palma, TRPA Executive Director, denied there was any favoritism. While critics said the panel was bowing to

wealthy and powerful interests, Palma said, “I just see other human beings.” I am happy because now I have high hopes that Mr Palma (and TRPA) will remember to “just see other human beings” when TRPA’s approval will be sought for disabled housing on Emerald Bay Road. After all, the disabled are neither wealthy, nor powerful or, influential. But they are “just other human beings” … in need of not play times but essential housing.

Thank you, TRPA! You have a heart, after all.

(Oh, where is Claire Fortier … we miss you … We did not always agree with your opinions, but you always spoke from the heart and had the guts to express your opinion. You would have loved this one!)

Erika Toth

South Lake Tahoe

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