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Letter to the editor- Trying to find person at wreck


To the editor:

I am writing about a situation I was involved in on Monday, Dec. 17. It took place on Gardner Mountain at 7:15 through 7:45 a.m. I had dropped my daughter off at the high school and proceeded nervously through the streets, due to the icy conditions and poor visibility. I found myself sliding down a street, trying very hard to gain control and seeing an SUV coming toward me. I fought to land against a snow berm. Instead, I bounded against her car and stopped in a snow berm across the street. Very little damage was done, a scraping of her vehicle, and a mere shattering of my taillights made me appreciate how easily we had come out of it.

I stood outside her car, sharing insurance information, when she began to yell for me to get out of the way, for another large SUV was heading down the hill toward us. I had no time to run, leap or crawl and we watched in horror as the car glided down, barely rendering me legless. We heard the crashing as this vehicle hit her tail and then slid across the street into my car, this time damaging my metal work.

Shocked and dazed, the woman climbed out of her new blue SUV and asked if she had done any damage. I assured her she had and she called her child on her cell phone to tell him/her to catch the bus as she had been involved in a fender bender. I thought nothing more about her as a cable TV truck was sliding toward vehicle No. 1, the driver wrenching and twisting his truck and deftly landing in a berm. With my heart thumping, I tried to move my car, but found it stuck fast in the snow. I tried to call my husband by using driver No. 2’s cell phone, to no avail.

Another SUV came sliding down the street; it began to look like a horrible pinball game … this car also slid and glided. It came within inches of vehicle No. 1, as the poor driver sat in the seat watching helplessly. Luckily, it managed to swerve and barely missed her. Its tail was just inches from her front end.

Then, to me, what was one of the most shocking moments, I turned to driver No. 2 and found she had left. All that was left to tell she had been there was the scattering of the remainder of my taillights in the snow. Somehow, she had taken advantage of our involvement in shooing people away and the distraction of sliding cars, to drive away.

I don’t know what she was thinking. I have thought long and hard about her actions during the few weeks since this took place. There is no getting around the fact that the driver thought only of herself at that moment, never even asking the first driver if she was OK or even checking out the conditions of the cars she hit. I know the world is full of people like this, but somehow I am too trusting and naive. I suppose, especially during the holidays and during the horrors of Sept. 11, I feel a need to trust and feel good about my fellow citizens. I didn’t get her license plate, neither did the first driver. We were too concerned with the safety of those around us to get into the particulars at that moment.

But I did see her. I did speak with her, listen to her talk about how she hadn’t even showered that morning, as though she needed to look her best for the accident.

I know there are people out there who know who she is and I would appreciate having her step forward to make amends with the first driver and myself. I am sure I will see her again in the small community we share and I would appreciate that instead of me confronting her in a grocery store, that she do the right thing and give me a call.

Thank you and Happy New Year! Karen Campbell, (530) 577-2739.

Karen Campbell

Christmas Valley

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