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Letter to the editor- Uncle Bob vs. the TRPA

To the editor:

It never fails to amaze me what new twist of bureaucratic buffoonery TRPA and the city can come up with.

As a small business owner I am referring to their latest effort, the brochure entitled “The Facts about illegal signs.”

As a business owner I would like to point out a few facts of my own.

Fact: I invested $80,000 cash to buy and improve my business. I doubt anyone at TRPA would be wiling to give up their cushy jobs to do the same and yet they want to tell me how to run my business.

Fact: I derive approximately 20% of my revenues (more in the summer) from my illegal portable sign. So the city, through the business license tax, willing to give up 20% of their revenues? Or is this a case of the bureaucratic left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing? Probably

Fact: I provide a much needed service to people who make their living off the regulatory economy. It is easy for them that got to over look the needs of them that don’t.

I agree the proliferation of signs and banners looks a little tacky in this serene setting. But then so do casinos, strip malls, parking lots, and motels. Unfortunately Lake Tahoe will never again be a pristine mountain setting. For small business owners the economic value of our signs, when viewed in the context of all the other junk already here at the Lake, far out weighs what little tackiness they add.

If the good old boy net work that runs this town wants to create another Aspen, they will do so at the expense of our sense of community. Without the many small businesses and the service workers they serve (which are the economic backbone of our town) we would all be living somewhere else.

All any business owner wants is to be given the opportunity to conduct business and make a reasonable profit with out undue interference from bureaucrats who don’t have a clue and probably never will.

Before you continue with this buffoonery come walk a mile-in-my shoes.

To the small business owners I say you had better get organized and develop some political clout or you might as well keep bending over.

Bob Burbank, Owner, Uncle Bob’s Laundromat

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