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Letter to the editor: USFS is ruining our forests

I have been riding my bicycle lately with despair on the dirt path that parallels Lake Tahoe Boulevard between Tahoe Mountain Road and D Street. The forest in this area was on the fringes of the 2007 Angora Fire. Most of the area to the north of the path has been recently thinned by the Forest Service. I don’t have any positive feelings as I look at the sparsely spaced trees. What hasn’t been thinned yet will not escape the heavy hand of the USFS. The dreaded blue paint is marking many beautiful, graceful trees soon to be cut. Some look more than 100 feet tall. They don’t bother to mark the smaller trees. Under a certain size, they take them all out.

I, quite frankly, dread this cutting. I am living at Tahoe because I like the deep forests. I ponder the injustice of cutting trees that survived burning in the fire. The dirt trail is scheduled to be upgraded to a paved path. I want to cycle on this path through a pretty, shaded forest with tall trees and an understory. I don’t want most of the trees taken out.

The forest was thinned recently at Glenbrook on the Tahoe side of Spooner Summit. The USFS lost control of the prescribed burn and killed many trees that survived thinning. There’s not even the slightest hint of an apology from them. They justify it on the LTBMU website by saying some scorching of trees is expected and accepted and some will die. My reply to that is it’s not acceptable to me. It demonstrates how callous, uncaring and disrespectful of life the USFS is.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to stop this frenzied desecration of our national forests since the Angora fire.

Liana Zambresky

South Lake Tahoe

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