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Letter to the editor- Violence only breeds violence

To the editor:

In the midst of the pain and anger going about right now, I’m writing this letter as a plea for people to take a few moments and breathe. I’m not saying you need to pretend you are oblivious to what is happening; I’m only asking that you calm down so that we can think clearly before we act. In doing this we may avoid making another large mistake like we did at Hiroshima. After all, can you really point out anything good that ever cam out of hatred and irrational behavior?

So now that we’re all settled, let’s look at some facts. Why is it we’re angry? Well, that’s easy; thousands of our fellow human beings have just been slaughtered. So what do we plan to do about it? Well, it seems that a large portion of the people in this country think it would be suitable to go and kill thousands more of our fellow human beings. Does that make sense?

Second big point here, George W. Bush was a widely disliked character previous to these recent events, and now we are ready to declare him a hero and follow him to the battlefield. Does anybody else see this as the same type of political platform his father stood on? His father, who took us to a war that resulted in a massive loss of life as well as things like the Gulf War Syndrome. Do I even need to mention the fact that daddy Bush was selling the weapons being used against our army to the people wielding them?

To wrap things up, I implore once again, do not let terrorist acts such as this continue, but at the same time, think wisely when considering how to put a stop to them. Otherwise, when we look in the mirror, we’ll see people who are no better than the ones we call terrorists. Remember, violence only breeds violence.

Derek Cyr

South Lake Tahoe

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